Protective Roofing Benefits

Increased Security

Steel Roofing is securely screwed down on every batten giving you additional security against illegal entry, meaning you can rest easier.

Improved Water Collection

Unlike Cement tiles, a UniCote® steel roof doesn’t absorb water and allows greater for rainwater collection and drinking systems.

Thermal Efficiency

Steel roofing does not store heat, as tiles do, meaning it cools down considerably faster and will help contribute to reduced energy usage and costs.

Low Maintenance

Steel roofing naturally washed by rainwater will generally keep its good looks and perform for many years, not requiring mortar bedding or other bonding agents required by tile roofs that may crack or break overtime.

Storm Resistance

UniCote® Steel roofing may dent during a large hailstorm, but will not crack. Cracks inevitably lead to costly water damage and inconvenience. Resistance to high winds is also a benefit of Steel Roofing.

Strong And Lightweight

An average steel roof is approximately 1 tonne, compared to a 12 tonne tile roof. This means less strain on roof framing, walls and foundations, reducing the chance of cracking walls and a sagging roof.


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Pre-painted steel with magnesium added technology, superior corrosion resistance.

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