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Well-designed and correctly installed guttering is an essential part of making sure your home or office remains weatherproof.

Guttering might be an afterthought for some people when they’re looking at re-roofing their property.

But the reality is leaking or overflowing guttering can potentially cause problems with water seeping in under roofs, into eaves and behind walls, and that can be expensive to fix.

We want the best products for our customers; that’s why we’re proud to showcase the Ace Gutter range of products.

They’re Australian made and designed for Australian conditions. Ace features a range of guttering profiles that combine clever design to maximise water discharge with stunningly beautiful form.

We focus on manufacturing and supplying only the best quality steel roofing products. Although we don’t carry out installation we can arrange that for you.



Nu-Line offers the time and cost saving convenience of gutter and fascia combined into one product.

The Nu-line gutter allows for direct installation on to roof rafters and so does not require a timber fascia.

Some people know this type of guttering as a fascia gutter or eaves gutter.

With a 190mm depth and 140mm width, Nu-line is designed for high water loadings.

NU-LINE can easily deal with 5L of water per second measured over a one metre length of guttering.

Overflow holes help to prevent water incursion under vulnerable eaves and roofs in even the heaviest tropical downpours.

ACE NU-LINE Product Details

NU-LINE ACE Gutters - Specification and Profile


Mini-Line is a more refined version of Nu-Line guttering with a 109mm deep front.

The flat back allows it to fit flush to the fascia and it can be attached using either concealed or external brackets.

Mini-Line has a water carrying capacity of 2.5 litres per second over 1 metre making it another great choice for heavy rainfall areas.

Overflow holes ensure optimal performance in even the heaviest downpours.

ACE MINI-LINE Product Details

MINI-LINE ACE Gutters - Specification and Profile
Mini-Line is a more refined version of Nu-Line guttering with a 109mm deep front


This square front gutter is slotted and folds around corners, eliminating the use of external angles.

Concealed fixing brackets won’t detract from the streamlined elegant appearance either.

Overflow holes in the front give added performance in heavy rainfall events.

Square-Line is an ideal choice for garages and carports.

ACE SQUARE-LINE Product Details



Half Round offers the classical elegance of a European style gutter.

The semicircular design is supported by external brackets.

It features a 150mm diameter and a greater water flow capacity and speed than a conventional gutter.

This prevents debris and silt build-up as leaf matter and dirt are easily washed away with a solid shower of rain.

Half Round offers a choice of an overflow hole option or without.

Water flow rates are 1.5 litres per second with overflow holes and 2.5 litres per second without overflow holes.

ACE HALF-ROUND Product Details

Half Round offers the classical elegance of a European style gutter.jpg


The Round-line is similar to the Half Round gutter profile but with slightly smaller dimensions.

The Roundline also differs by providing a flat back for convenient attachment to fascia structures.

Just like the Half Round the Roundline is an excellent performer in heavy rainfall.

And its smooth semicircular shape allows water to easily sweep away any debris.

ACE ROUND-LINE Product Details

Roundline is similar to the Half Round gutter profile but with slightly smaller dimensions.jpg


Ace Quad offers a classical look with its high front quadrant profile.

Ace Quad is frequently used on colonial style houses but its understated elegance makes it a very popular choice on new homes as well.

Featuring overflow holes and a 115mm diameter, the Ace Quad boasts a water flow rate of 1.5 metres per second over a metre length.

ACE QUAD Product Details

Ace Quad offers a classical look with its high front quadrant profile.jpg


The Old Style Quad profile features a lower front face than the Ace Quad.

This makes it even less obtrusive. 

Old Style Quad has no overflow holes to break its clean smooth profile.

This product is only available in NSW & ACT.   

ACE QUAD Product Details

Old Style Quad profile features a lower front face than the Ace Quad.jpg


Poor box gutter designs have cause so many problems in the past for homeowners.

We provide highly engineered, custom made box guttering to suit your requirements.

Our box gutters won’t let you down.  


You can find Protective Roofing in Tuggerah and we’re proud to service the Central Coast, Newcastle, and Hunter Valley regions.

Our superior steel roofing products celebrate everything that’s great about this marvellous region.

And they’re built to take all that the sometimes harsh climate can throw at them.

With its humid sub-tropical climate, Newcastle frequently experiences heavy deluges of severe intensity.

It’s hardly surprising with Barrington Tops, a world-heritage listed rainforest and Lake Macquarie, Australia’s largest coastal saltwater lake on the doorstep.

It’s during those times you’ll be glad you chose Protective Roofing and the Ace range of guttering products.

When you live anywhere in the Hunter Valley and Central Coast regions from Abermain and Aberdeen to Woy Woy, Wyong, and Warnervale there’s so much to shout about. 

You can celebrate your choice of Australia’s finest roofing products with some of Australia’s finest wines while relaxing on exquisite beaches.


The easiest way to get an accurate idea of price is to request a quote from our friendly team.


We supply Karben Gutter Guards to help keep your guttering clean and free from leaf and dirt build-up.

The guards are made from 1.9mm aluminium or stainless steel mesh and they slot neatly into the outer edge of all Ace guttering products.

The upper edge fits snugly against the roof line following the roof profile very closely.

Fixing saddles shaped to fit a wide range of roofing profiles hold the mesh tightly in place.

Karben gutter guards are the perfect way to reduce guttering cleaning and maintenance.

Click to Download Karben Gutter Guard Colour Chart


Ace guttering products come in a gorgeous palette of 27 standard colours including:

Hunter Red, White, Federation Green, Brown, Heritage Red, Smooth Cream, Merino, Jasmin Brown, Slate Grey, Iron Grey, Mountain, Blue, Tuscan Red, Dusk, Off White, Birch, Gull Grey, Armour Grey, Mist Green, Rivergum, Caulfield Green, Monolith, Ebony, Territory, Coventry, Gulf, Manteal, Basal, and Wallaroo.

We can also custom match any steel roofing colour available on the market.

Additional options include a choice of 80% Gloss or 25% Gloss finish.

Ace guttering products use a superior paint system called DURAKOTE®.

DURAKOTE® provides industry-leading steel protection with an aluminium/zinc substrate that complies with the standard ASTM A792M.

Click to download the ACE Gutters Colour Range (pdf)


Ace guttering products are covered by the Duracote warranty.

The steel is guaranteed for a corrosion-free life of 30 years while the paint is guaranteed not to flake or peel for 20 years.

This cover is contingent on the appropriate materials and installation processes being used.

If your property is in a severe marine or industrial area you will need to choose the Ultra-coastal pre-painted steel product range in which case Ace steel and paint products are covered for 15 years.

Click to download the ACE Gutters Rainwater Product - 20 Years Warranty form


You can download detailed installation guides for all Ace guttering products from the Ace Gutters website.

And if you’re worried about getting those tricky mitring jobs done they’ve even got a very helpful mitre template.


You can download the Ace range of installation guides and brochures and learn more about the amazing range of Ace roofing products below.

Other products include leaf guards and leaf diverters, overflow spacers and nozzles, tapware.   


Ace guttering and downpipes make the job of cleaning and maintenance so much easier.

Some of the guttering profiles, such as the Roundline and Halfline are essentially self-cleaning.

Their clever design reduces maintenance to virtually zero.

However, it is always a good idea to inspect the guttering at least annually.

Remove any leaf matter, debris or dirt. You’ll also want to use some soapy water on stubborn dirt build-up.

If you have roof guards installed you should check that they are clear of leaf matter and dirt too as any organic matter can increase corrosion rates as well as prevent proper function of the mesh and guttering.

Cleaning out your guttering is especially important before the winter or rainy season.

You may need to inspect and clean your guttering more regularly at this time especially if you’re collecting roof water for drinking.

If your property features a lot of trees nearby then this too may necessitate more regular inspections.

Some trees, such as eucalypts and Backwoods are notorious for dropping enormous amounts of leaf matter into your guttering systems and even a leaf guard will only prevent so much build-up.


Ace Gutters PTY Ltd have been proudly making superior guttering in Australia for more than 60 years.

With manufacturing plants in Mortdale NSW, South Coast Nowra NSW, and Victoria, Ace are looking after the homes of Australians and supporting local industry.

Using high quality Australian steel protected with the industry-leading Durakote Aluminium/zinc protective coating system ensures all Ace roofing products will continue to protect your property for many years to come.